I AM is an extremely powerful affirmation. Whatever you follow “I am” with you become, and you manifest in your life not what you want, or even what you think you deserve, but who you are every minute of every day.

By listening to positive, empowering “I AM” statements you become empowered to create changes in your life.

Each of the I AM affirmation downloads below are fifteen minutes of one powerful “I am” statement. I believe that repeating one I am phrase is more powerful than stating more than one because the subconscious mind learns through repetition. One phrase repeated again and again is much more likely to “stick” and help you create real and lasting change.

The background binaural beat music that is specially engineered to assist you into a meditative and receptive state that will make it much easier for the I am affirmation become a part of your subconscious.

All of the I am affirmations are meant to be listened to, one at
a time for the duration of 60-90 days. If it’s a place that you’re really feeling stuck, the 90 days are recommended.

The I am phrase pictured on the image is the phrase that will be repeated in the affirmation download. It’s best if you find a quiet time to listen to these and put on some noise canceling headphones.

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me-headI was born in February, two fishes swimming in opposing directions. That is how I’ve felt my whole life. Like I was torn in half.
Ive never been certain of anything I’ve ever done.
When I was a child I was sexually assaulted by my Dr. When I was a teenager I was in an abusive controlling relationship. I grew up dirt poor, and had a baby as a teenager.
I married an abusive alchoholic when I was 21, had two more children. When I was 31, I told my husband I wanted a divorce. He attacked me. Our children watched him choke me on our kitchen floor.
I was a stay at home mom, and had less than $50 in my pocket. But I left. I took enough clothes for myself and my children and we never went back.
We were homeless, staying in a shelter. During the day, we’d go to the library, or to Wal-mart or to visit my mother, just to get out of the shelter.
I hated it there. I was so angry and afraid. I remember feeling like a constant trembling within me. I wore my coat everywhere because I never felt settled. There was a constant fear, a constant anger.
I hated men. I hated where I was. I hated everything. I was incredibly angry, and incredibly fearful. I’d fall asleep at night thinking of how much I hated and how afraid I was that he would somehow find us.
One night I was staring at the ceiling, filled with so much anger, fear and hatred that I was physically uncomfortable. My body was aching with it.
Then a small thought came to me. I wish I could remember the exact words, I only know that they were something like: “It doesn’t have to be this way. I’m here, and I can’t change that, but I can choose a different way of looking at this.”
What I do remember is feeling very still after that. The room became silent, and my trembling stopped. I had been in the shelter for four months and not a minute passed that I didn’t feel that shakiness. Suddenly, it was gone and I was still. It was almost like I didn’t have a body at all.
Then, another thought came to me, and this thought I do remember word for word. It was: “This could be a time of healing.”
I laid there, in the dark, in silence, and felt that I had been lifted. I felt peace, and I agreed with the voice. I intended that I use the remaining time in the shelter to heal myself.
This was the only shelter I had been in, and I hadn’t been in one since, but it was not what I expected AT ALL. It was remarkably clean. Much cleaner than I had ever made my house. Every woman there (it was a shelter for abused women) was assigned a set of chores to make the place spotless. Each day one of the workers in the shelter would have to check on your chores to make sure they were done well, or you couldn’t leave. And everyone there wanted to leave during the day, so the chores always got done.
My family was lucky enough to have a private bathroom. I bleached the tub every day and every single night, after my kids were in bed, I took a bath. I don’t know if I was supposed to do that. I was sure that it was against some rule, but I needed it.
Two days after my experience on the bed, staring at the ceiling, when God spoke to me in that quiet voice, something new showed up in my reality.
I had been told by everyone who worked at the shelter and the other girls who lived there who had been in and out of shelters for years, to expect to be there for a while. I was told by everyone who knew better than me that I would be in there for at least nine months before I would find a place to live.
Less than 48 hours after the whisper, I found myself in front of a bulletin board in the hallway at the shelter, reading a flourescent green flyer. It was an announcement that three bedroom apartments would be available. There were at least a dozen other multi-colored fliers on that board, announcing apartments that were available, job openings, counseling for drug addicts and abuse victims and numerous others. But this one stuck out to me.
Within five minutes of seeing the flier I was on the phone, talking to the director of this apartment complex. She explained to me that it was project based housing, which meant that I would only have to pay what I could afford depending on my income and I could stay as long as I needed to.
I told the other girls about it as soon as I got off the phone. Each one of them dismissed it in their own way. They told me that they wouldn’t qualify or “wait and see, the waiting list is going to be over a year” or that they were looking into something else. I even offered to drive, but not a single one of them went with me. That very day I gathered everything I needed and I applied for an apartment.
They told me that they couldn’t be sure how long the wait would be, but they thought maybe six months. I knew that it wouldn’t be that long. I decided in the meantime to continue my healing.
I started with my physical body. I joined the YMCA because they had financial help for families who needed it and I started exercising and eating fruits and vegetables. I took my kids swimming there almost every day and we had a blast. I went for walks every single day.
I healed myself mentally. We would go to the library and read books for hours. While my children played in the bright, beautiful and totally engaging children’s section, I would read self-improvement books. Sometimes we would read books together.
I healed myself spiritually. I began meditating every night. I would pray and ask for guidance. I would picture white light healing every part of me. Mostly though, I would forgive. Every night, in the tub for hours, I would choose a person that I was angry at, and I would just keep saying “I forgive you” over and over. I would picture them in white light.
The shelter became less of a prison with so many rules, and more like a caccoon. I spent a lot of time alone, in silence. Whenever I had the opportunity I was silent, forgiving everyone who had ever hurt me, connecting with a white light, even though I didn’t really know what that meant exactly. I envisioned myself turning the key to my new apartment every single day, over and over.
Four months later I emerged from the caccoon a new person. I got a phone call to view the apartment that would be mine. I was handed a key, and when I opened the door, I cried so hard I couldn’t see anything, but I just kept saying to the woman who was with me, “It’s beautiful. It’s perfect”. After being homeless, home means something different. You don’t know the blessings of having a place to rest that is your own until you don’t have that for a while.
The night before I had to move into my new apartment, I gathered up my four trashbags of clothes. I left the shelter and stayed on my mom’s kitchen floor on a blow up mattress, sleeping with my children and my very best friend in the world, Shannon. In the morning, we moved my few possessions that had been given to us from various people my mom knew, into my new home.
That night, I just sat in my living room with my children and Shannon. I never felt so complete in my entire life.
However, what I didn’t realize then, was that was the start of a journey of self growth and self discovery for me that would eventually lead to where I am now as I write this. I have discovered indispensible tools that have allowed me to be much more centered, much more balanced, peaceful, joyful and loving person. I have learned to function differently in the world. I have developed tools that have woken me up to new ways of being that serve me in a much greater way.
These tools have not only helped me to be a much better, much higher version of myself, they have also helped me to make changes in my outer reality that simply weren’t possible before. And that is what I wish to share with you: tools that will help you to become the highest and best version of yourself. Then the perk will be that your external life will change.
Why do I say perk? Because as I’ve grown through these years and with these tools that I’ve discovered, the biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that the outer world isn’t all that important. It’s not real. It changes, and trying to make things happen in the outer world can never bring you lasting peace, or joy or love or anything else you think it can. The important thing, the thing that really matters, is who you become. It’s just that, in the becoming of the highest version of yourself, your life must change, and it will. The interesting and sort of ironic thing is, as you grow and evolve, the outer world becoming what you want it to be will become less and less important to you. It will become like a game. Something fun, but ultimately not the point of life. You will start to know and understand that you are not here to reach goals, to achieve to get what you want or to force things to be what your vision says they should be. You are here to grow into your highest self, to claim your power, work with what is, and allow the fullness of life to move through you and as you. That is what is real.